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Robin Legat on Roller Derby, Aging Up and Leading Athletes

Robin Legat is a trainer, podcaster and coach who helps women over 40 become later in life athletes. We talk all about finding fitness in unconventional ways (Roller Derby anyone?). Plus helping others who are on the same journey as us, but just a little bit further behind. Listen: Make sure you’re subscribed in your […]

Kristoffer “KC” Carter on Leading In All Aspects Of Life

We’re back with a guest today on Lead Your Tribe, Kristoffer “KC” Carter of This Epic Life. In this heart-felt conversation we talk about  the hecticness of parenting, meeting people at summer camps, risking get fired by starting a work newsletters, leading people in meditation, organising challenges and the different ways of being a coach. […]

How To Inspire Engagement In Your Community

Apologies for missing a week. We felt we’d rather share something great than just share something for the sake of it. And great is the perfect word for this episode. Here’s what we cover: Why you should measure your online success by engagement, not followers. How many and how often are people asking questions, contributing […]

How To Stay Motivated (& Healthy Ways To Measure Your Success)

This incredibly timely episode is all about how we can keep showing up despite all of the setbacks this year. Many thanks to Laura Varey who prompted this episode by asking us: “Hi, Kyle and Dale, first of all I want to say thank you. I really do enjoy your podcasts and I listen to […]

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